Keeping Your Restaurant Busy

As a restaurant owner, there aren't many things more challenging than keeping a steady stream of customers coming in through the front door. Unfortunately, these kinds of challenges can eventually arrest the cash flow of your business, which can cause all kinds of problems in the long run. About three months ago, I decided that it would be a good idea to start focusing more on my own restaurant so that I could improve things. I started small, by changing the way that our team handled a few things, and then eventually worked towards reworking the entire menu. This blog is all about making your restaurant more profitable.

Healthy Pizza Trends To Try In 2016


Pizza is a classic, tried and true Italian dish. While the usual topping combinations are delicious and sure to please your taste buds, the old standbys of pepperoni, sausage and peppers, and cheese are not always the healthiest options. With so many food allergies showing up in the population, especially in children, healthier options are becoming more available. Many Americans are also turning to specific diets for weight loss and other health benefits. Even if you don't have a severe allergy or an intolerance, your loved ones or coworkers that do will appreciate when you order a healthy, tasty pizza that everyone can enjoy. The following is a list of options that are becoming easier to find at your favorite pizzeria or Italian restaurant:

Gluten Free

About 20% of Americans are trying to include more gluten free foods in their diets. There are several variations of crust that can be made to accommodate those who eat a gluten free diet due to celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Cornmeal or rice crusts are delicious and healthy alternatives to those who are avoiding wheat and gluten.

Dairy or Lactose Free

Many Americans feel better when they avoid dairy items or foods that contain lactose. There are many new options available for those that are avoiding cheese made out of cow's milk. There are cheeses that are made out of cashews that come in traditional pizza flavors like mozzarella. There are also cheeses made out of soy and almond milk. 

For cheese options that contain dairy but not lactose, there are cheeses that are made out of yogurt that can actually help your digestion.


For those who are avoiding and limiting carbohydrates, pizza may seem off the table. But with new recipes that use processed cauliflower flour to make a crust completely composed of vegetables, pizza can fit right into a paleo lifestyle as it contains the meat, dairy, and vegetables that are the cornerstone of this diet.


With so many people giving up animal products, pizza may seem impossible to enjoy as part of a vegan diet. Nothing could be further from the truth! With all of the great vegan cheese options that are available and incredibly convincing soy products that are seasoned and processed to look like real meat, vegan pizza can be tasty treat. 

For vegan purists that don't believe in animal product imitations, there is pizza without any cheese and just a tomato or pesto base. Add two or three vegetables and you have a delicious pizza without any processed foods.


15 January 2016