Keeping Your Restaurant Busy

As a restaurant owner, there aren't many things more challenging than keeping a steady stream of customers coming in through the front door. Unfortunately, these kinds of challenges can eventually arrest the cash flow of your business, which can cause all kinds of problems in the long run. About three months ago, I decided that it would be a good idea to start focusing more on my own restaurant so that I could improve things. I started small, by changing the way that our team handled a few things, and then eventually worked towards reworking the entire menu. This blog is all about making your restaurant more profitable.

Four Ways To "Treat Yourself" When Home Alone On A Cold Winter Evening


When your plans fall through and you find yourself home alone on a cold weekend night in the winter, you might feel like treating yourself to a little something special. After all, it's the end of the work week, and there's nobody else around who you have to compromise with or answer to. But when you're not used to self-indulgence, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are a few suggestions.

Order Delivery

There's nobody to share a meal with, so why cook? Consider ordering delivery from a new restaurant in town that you've been waiting to try. You don't have to agree on your selections with anyone. Order something that your partner or the friends you usually dine with would not like. If there are two or three things you can't wait to try, order them both. This is a night of pampering, after all. Make sure you order enough to have leftovers a day or two later -- extend the pampering into the week with a good lunch.

Color a Picture

You may not have colored a picture since you were 10, but you'll be surprised how relaxing it can be. If you don't have a coloring book, don't worry. There are many websites that will allow you to print out images to color. You can find anything from exotic pets to patchwork quilt patterns. Grab your colored pencils or crayons, put on some relaxing music, and color away.

Bake Something Delicious

After your delivery dinner, you're sure to crave something sweet. Warm, gooey cookies are delicious on a cold evening, especially paired with some hot chocolate. If you'd rather have brownies and have a mix on hand, surely you can make those instead. If you're having trouble finding a recipe for which you have all the ingredients, try looking up substitutions for the ingredients you're missing. Chances are, your baked goods will still be delicious. And if they aren't, nobody has to know about it since you're the only one home!

Enjoy a Spa Night

When was the last time you really took your time in the bath or shower? Find your favorite bubble bath, and fill the tub. Put on some relaxing music, light a few candles, and soak the evening away. When you're done, file your nails, put leave-in conditioner in your hair, and slather your body in your favorite lotion. Spend the rest of the evening hanging out in your fuzzy bath robe.

On a rare evening alone, there's nothing wrong with treating yourself!


15 December 2016