Keeping Your Restaurant Busy

As a restaurant owner, there aren't many things more challenging than keeping a steady stream of customers coming in through the front door. Unfortunately, these kinds of challenges can eventually arrest the cash flow of your business, which can cause all kinds of problems in the long run. About three months ago, I decided that it would be a good idea to start focusing more on my own restaurant so that I could improve things. I started small, by changing the way that our team handled a few things, and then eventually worked towards reworking the entire menu. This blog is all about making your restaurant more profitable.

Restaurant Equipment On A Budget: Do You Really Need Everything?


Opening your own restaurant for the first time is quite exciting. You want to snatch up every piece of restaurant equipment you see, even if you might not use it. However, you should not get caught up in your excitement and buy or finance things that will not be worth the cost. This is especially true if you are opening your restaurant on a budget. Here is how to assess your purchases and prevent overspending before you even open your restaurant's doors.

How Often Will You Need the Equipment?

Buying your kitchen equipment is like Christmas—lots of items to choose from, and every piece has a fun and exciting use. If you are honest with yourself, you will be able to decide what you really need and not just what you want.

  • Do you absolutely need the giant commercial mixer with bread hook, or can that wait a few months?
  • You know you need an oven and stove top with burners, but do you need a double-oven with a warming drawer and six or eight burners, or is a single oven with four to six burners enough to get the ball rolling?
  • Do you honestly need both a Broaster fryer and double drop-basket fryer, or can you get by with one of these options?

Lastly, consider your menu. What you need to cook and prepare everything on your menu is really all you need in terms of equipment in your restaurant kitchen.

Trade-in and Trade-up Programs

Some restaurant equipment companies offer upgrade programs. They understand that you want the best, but that you cannot afford the best right now. Their programs allow you to purchase budget-model equipment on an installment plan, and when you think you can buy an upgraded model outright, they apply your payments to the upgraded version and swap out your budget model for your purchased upgrade. It might be something to look into if you just have to have that top-of-the-line commercial stove.

Making Sure You Have Room in the Kitchen for What You Do Buy

Another thing to remember is this: can you fit ALL of your equipment in your restaurant kitchen? A lot of restauranteurs get so caught up in the equipment shopping that they fail to take measurements. Even if you were really good about buying on a budget and avoiding impulse purchases, you may have just bought items that will not fit. That is definitely something to think about when you are considering super-upgrades to your equipment in the future.


17 January 2017